HIRT kinetics® transform buildings

When static elements are set into motion, this gives rise to new architectural possibilities.

HIRT kinetics® turns buildings into moving architecture by adding movable construction elements that enable walls, windows and doors to be shifted in multiple dimensions – for truly moving architecture, in every sense of the word.

HIRT kinetics® transforms buildings and opens up new dimensions in the design of building envelopes, walls and windows. Because HIRT kinetics® turns these elements into dynamic objects, they completely transform spaces by merging interior and exterior landscapes or making things visible that were previously hidden. Swiss engineering excellence, ultimate precision and a customizable solution revolutionize the spatial experiences envisioned by pioneering architects and enjoyed by discerning clients. HIRT kinetics® play an important part in providing solutions to construction challenges of the future, so that the architects can approach their designs with a more dynamic and multidimensional vision.

The London Cadogan Cafe has retractable curved windows which can retreat into the ground – allowing the dining area to spill out into the surrounding square.

Imagine a lobby becoming part of the cityscape. HIRT and the Century Plaza Los Angeles

When it’s nice and warm outside, the 7-meter / 23 ft high HIRT kinetics® transforms the lobby of the Century Plaza in Los Angeles into an integrative part of downtown LA, sharing in its sounds, scents and the California way of life.

Walls shape buildings and create boundaries, yet their function is determined by the spaces between them.

Stefan Hirt

Where the
elements merge.

Experience the interplay of the elements: On a sunny day, the indoor pool is quickly converted into an outdoor pool with an impressive view. Enjoy the grandeur of nature with all your senses.

Letting nature set the tone.

Extreme freedom through silent disappearance – it may sound a bit like magic, but it’s innovation driven by sophisticated know-how from HIRT moving architecture®. With HIRT kinetics®, you will experience a new sense of openness and limitless space!

What moves us.


HIRT kinetics® can withstand extreme climatic conditions and has proven itself even in highly challenging environments. HIRT kinetics® can handle salty coastal air, tropical humid climates or snow flurries without breaking a sweat.


HIRT kinetics® is a safe product in many regards. It offers absolutely safe operation thanks to strict compliance with EN standards and other tests. Furthermore, HIRT kinetics® offers excellent burglary protection, which can be substantially increased depending on the choice of materials.


Almost all HIRT kinetics® solutions are custom made. Be inspired by our sample projects and discuss your vision with us.

Our Commitment to Quality

HIRT kinetics® is manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards. No matter where in the world they are installed, the mechanical components are always Swiss precision made. Every HIRT kinetics® is custom made here in Switzerland and delivered to our partners on site as a ready-for-assembly solution. To this end, HIRT moving architecture built a network of partners across the globe who are as committed to quality as we are. Thanks to intensive training and continuous education, we can vouch for all our partners. The official partners of HIRT moving architecture are specialist companies that know and take into account the local conditions and codes in their countries.


Stefan Hirt, CEO

Moving architecture.

HIRT kinetics® turns buildings into moving architecture. When building elements that are usually static suddenly start to move, this creates a moment of great surprise and wonder. By adding the dimension of movement to architecture, our solutions turn buildings into works of art while at the same time delivering a highly functional system.

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