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HIRT moving architecture.

Uncompromising Swiss Engineering and Precision – Available Worldwide.

Stefan Hirt, CEO and founder of HIRT moving architecture, is as Swiss as it gets:

performance, innovation and precision instead of self-glorification or empty phrases. Stefan Hirt embodies all the virtues Switzerland is known for throughout the world.

He is a quiet worker and tinkerer. With ambition and verve, he keeps perfecting an idea until it can no longer be refined any further. And this perfection is highly appreciated all over the globe by leading architects and demanding clients.

Together with his team, Stefan Hirt manufactures all HIRT kinetics® products in Switzerland. This allows him and his team to ensure that each product delivers outstanding quality. Together with a well-rehearsed sales and service team operating all over the world, the HIRT kinetics® is shipped to their destination, where they dazzle and delight for years to come.

HIRT moving architecture – since 1988.

Our Team

Stefan Hirt

Stefan Hirt

CEO | Owner

T: +41448176060


Felix Röscheisen


T: +41448176060

Mario Tiedemann

Mario Tiedemann


T: +41448176063

Ronny Burkhard

Ronny Burkhard

Project Management

T: +41554157473

Nicole Schaufelbergen

Nicole Schaufelberger

Office | Accounting

T: +41448176060

Michael Keller

Michael Keller

Service | Calculation

T: +41554157478

Yagmur Kocabas

Yagmur Kocabas

Development | Project Management

T: +41448176067

Martin Kollegger

Martin Kollegger

Member of the Board of Directors


Moving architecture.

HIRT kinetics® turns buildings into moving architecture. When building elements that are normally static suddenly start to move, this creates moments of great surprise and wonder. By adding the dimension of movement to architecture, our solutions turn buildings into works of art art, while at the same time, deliver a highly functioning system.

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