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Proud makers and their unique product

HIRT swiss descending windows are the ultimate in room opening products. The makers, who produce the globally unique descender fronts in Switzerland, have a great deal of experience and established expertise in metal construction.

Owner and company founder Stefan Hirt leads a small team with great quality consciousness.

HIRT swiss descending windows work anywhere and in any climate. They lower extremely heavy fronts made of glass and other materials smoothly and quietly. There is no other product on the market that can do this. The descender front is CE-approved and has first-class sealing properties. Behind this functionality is passionate work that has made HIRT swiss descending windows an exclusive top product loved by customers around the world. Our international distribution partners also ensure satisfaction. Well-versed and well-trained specialists always support the installation of HIRT swiss descending windows on site.

The window has been perfected.

From small openings, which were covered with hides, parchment, or fabric for protection against the weather, large spaces were developed in the 20th century that could be opened and closed with glazed wings. And now in the 21st century, the view is wide open and uncompromised. The room opening is also described in a Wikipedia article on windows: “A window is an opening in the wall of a building that provides a view of the outside and supplies the room with light. Today, however, the closure system of this opening is also referred to as a window, generally a glass pane mounted in a frame.” The origin and meaning of the word in different languages is interesting. The German ‘Fenster’ derives from the Latin word ‘fenestra’. The English term ‘Window’ evolved from the Gothic ‘windauga’, which can be literally translated as ‘wind eye’. And the Old High German equivalent of ‘Augentor’ is ‘augadoro’. All of these terms are associated with the wish for a view or the urge to see the outside from the inside, to keep it in sight, to experience it.