Al Ghurair & HIRT Swiss Descending Windows |

Al Ghurair is a new partner
of HIRT in the UAE

The contract signing in late April 2017 officially confirmed the collaboration between HIRT swiss descending windows and Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium.
With HIRT swiss descending windows, Al Ghurair wants to continue establishing a profile in the premium market in the United Arab Emirates. This includes the fact that in a few months the showroom in Dubai will have a live descender demo front.

Al Ghurair Construction Aluminum has set records with the facade of the Burj Khalifa in the industry and is now also counting on HIRT swiss descending windows for exclusive construction projects.

In the United Arab Emirate, the topic of quality is gaining more significance. For Al Ghurair, quality awareness is a hallmark of the company’s excellence and for the customers a good reason to trust Al Ghurair.

HIRT swiss descending windows, based in Switzerland, fits this self-image because HIRT is committed to Swiss quality standards, which are recognized worldwide. Al Ghurair is now an exclusive sales partner in the UAE.

Al Ghurair was founded in 1960 and is now one of the largest diversified industrial companies in the Middle East. In the construction of the Burj Khalifa, with 828 meters of architectural height the tallest building in the world, Al Construction Aluminum was responsible for the largest facade installation ever to date. This is visible proof par excellence.


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