Al Ghurair: Descending Window Showroom in Dubai |

The HIRT descender front in the United Arab Emirates

Some things are best experienced live! This also applies to the HIRT descender front. That is why contractors and architects can experience a HIRT SF 90 up close when visiting Al Ghurair’s new showroom in Dubai. What could be more impressive – and more convincing – than 1.5 tonnes of glass that slide silently into the ground?

Setting an example at the headquarters of Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium

Since April 2018, Al Ghurair has been the exclusive sales partner for HIRT swiss descending windows in the United Arab Emirates. By installing the HIRT SF 90 at its own headquarters, the company is setting an architectural example that will inspire customers, partners and employees alike. The fully functional descender front impressively shows at every live demonstration what makes HIRT swiss descending windows so special.

Swiss quality as a sign of excellence

When it silently slides into the ground, the HIRT SF 90 (width 4,761 mm × height 3,265 mm) opens the way to the outdoor terrace of Al Ghurair’s showroom. The descender front is manufactured with double-glazed glass and descends and ascends thanks to an electromechanical drive system.

A team of seven was deployed in Dubai to install the descender front, which weighs 1,500 kg. Kollegger Metallbau and Atom Holding successfully joined forces for this project.

The descender front is more than just a showpiece for Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium. It accentuates the architecture and is a surprising element in the facade of the headquarters. Due to its sheer size and effortlessly sliding weight, the descender front is a statement by Al Ghurair on the subject of quality. Al Ghurair sets the highest quality standards for every architectural project – and this is exactly what HIRT swiss descending windows, the first-class product from Switzerland, stand for.

Location of the new descender front:

Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium
Street 14A
Umm Ramool, Al Rashidiya
Dubai – UAE
P.O Box: 1550

Project partner:

Contractor: Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium
Implementation on site: Kollegger Metallbau and Atom Holding