HIRT Descending Windows at the Duke of York, London


Construction work for the Duke of York restaurant has been well under way since 2017 at the square of the same name. The spectacular concept was developed by Nex and won the New London Architecture Award in the hotels and hospitality category.

The new Duke of York restaurant’s modern design, emphasized by its impressive descender fronts, perfectly blends into the heritage of its surroundings. The rounded shape of the building can be seen as a further development of the registered historic wall that is part of the former Duke of York’s Headquarters. The construction consciously echoes this background, creating a harmony between the old and the new.

The place to be

As soon as the first rays of sunlight peer through the sky, the descender fronts – spanning almost the entire facade of the restaurant – will silently descend into the storey below. The interior space will then completely open up, creating a covered patio area.

A gigantic design

The window units feature three HIRT descender fronts in impressive dimensions. Each window measures 8,115 metres in length and 2.95 metres in height, with a radius of 8 metres, and they weigh a total of 2,000 kilograms.

The Duke of York restaurant has set the trend for the British architectural scene and has already been sparking furore even before its official opening in autumn 2019. We at HIRT swiss descending windows are proud to be involved in this project together with our sales partner Kollegger Metallbau.