HIRT swiss descending windows - Features | HIRT.swiss
Descender fronts can easily withstand extreme climatic conditions and have also proven their worth in the harshest weather conditions. A cleverly devised concept with multiple sealing planes and a unique, peripheral pneumatic seal guarantees draught-free comfort and helps to save valuable energy.
Our descender fronts are constructed in strict accordance with EN standards. The CE conformity has been certified by a test institute with the type examination, and compliance with the machine directives guarantees safe operation. In principle, descender fronts also offer very good protection against intrusion. Apart from lowering, there are no other opening options. If additional doors are installed in the descender front, these can be provided with intrusion protection systems.
HIRT swiss descending windows are designed so that they can be installed anywhere in the world. Our descender fronts have been in use in various climatic zones around the world for many years now – from the moderate climate of Central Europe to salty, windy coastal areas to the humid tropics and desert regions with extreme temperature fluctuations. In principle, weightless lowering works with all conceivable facades. All walls disappear as a descender front, regardless of whether they are made of metal, stone or wood. The effect here is even more impressive than with glass. An uncompromised opening opens weightlessly from wall to wall where previously a massive wall stood, without any visible constraints.
The bigger, the better – in principle, there are no boundaries. HIRT swiss descending windows are made for big things. The small HIRT SF 90 model has a maximum width of 6 m, a maximum height of 6 m and a maximum surface area of 18 m2. The maximum weight here totals 1,500 kg. The HIRT SF XL model can reach enormous proportions up to 40 m2. The HIRT SF Special is virtually limitless. The largest descender front to date is 20 m long and weighs 7,500 kg. But bigger is always possible. Ultimately, several fronts can also be installed next to one another in a postless design. Thus, truly uncompromised openings are possible.
Our descender fronts do not hang; instead, they sit on a support structure, which is in turn connected to a counterweight. In perfect balance, they can be moved by a small motor without making a sound. Gigantic glass surfaces become virtually weightless and are lowered at the push of a button to create a completely unrestricted room opening. Even extremely heavy facades disappear into the floor without hassle as a descender front.
As a standard solution for shading, the same sun protection found on normal windows can be used. Window panes with sun protection coatings are also possible. As a special solution, blinds can be directly adapted to HIRT swiss descending windows, even conventional products such as Venetian blinds or fabric blinds.