HIRT kinetics® can withstand extreme climatic conditions and has a proven track record even in highly challenging environments. HIRT kinetics® can handle salty coastal air, tropical humid climates or snow flurries without breaking a sweat.
  • 100% sealed
  • Energy-saving heat insulation
  • Versatile materials

HIRT kinetics® can be supplied and operated anywhere on the globe, but the components are always manufactured in Switzerland based on stringent quality standards.

Temperature profile

Superior thermal insulation

HIRT kinetics® reduces your power consumption. Top thermal insulation values and efficient air exchange without cooling the interior are convincing features. Highly insulated aluminum profiles with 54-mm insulation bars and a Uf value of 1.364 W/m2K. On request, functional glass with a thickness of up to 63 mm can be installed.

Exemplary figures for HIRT kinetics® SF 90: Size 4.50 x 2.50 m, triple glass U 0.5 W/m2K: The thermal transmittance value of the entire movable element is UW 0.75 W/m2K.

Isothermal curve

Perfectly sealed thanks to up to four sealing levels

Pneumatic seals do not allow any drafts to pass through. The inner seal and a sophisticated system of contact pressure and labyrinth seals on the outside ensure draft-free comfort.

The seal is inflated automatically by means of a control pulse. Brush seals remove coarse dirt and make for a visually pleasing transition from frame to sash. To compensate for the lack of heat reflection of the glass, we recommend installing a warm air duct, which can be embedded in the floor in an appealing manner.

Structural physics

Air permeability according to EN1026/EN12207
Class 4
Resistance to wind load according to EN12211/EN12210
Class C4
Water tightness under heavy rain according to EN1027/EN12208
Class E1500


HIRT kinetics® is a safe product in many regards. Safe operation is guaranteed thanks to strict compliance with EN standards and CE conformity. In addition, HIRT kinetics® offer excellent burglary protection, which can be substantially increased depending on the choice of materials.
  • Proven pinch protection
  • High or very high burglary protection depending on the material used
  • Meet or exceed global standards

HIRT kinetics® not only act as impressive eye-catchers, but they are also safe in every respect: Swiss precision and engineering excellence vouch for this.


Almost all HIRT kinetics® solutions are custom made. Be inspired by our sample projects and discuss your project with us.
  • Limitless options
  • Free choice of shapes, colors, material
  • Vast range as regards size and weight

With HIRT kinetics®, the word “impossible” does not apply. No matter how daring, crazy or extravagant your ideas may be, we can make pretty much anything happen.

Moving architecture.

HIRT kinetics® turns buildings into moving architecture. When building elements that are normally static suddenly start to move, this is a moment of great surprise and wonder. By adding the dimension of movement to architecture, our solutions turn buildings into works of art while at the same time delivering a highly functional system.

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