HIRT kinetics® HF

The classy alternative to casement windows

HIRT kinetics® HF lifting windows save space and deliver a more elegant and practical solution than casement windows. When retracted, the large open space allows for much more air and light to enter the room than with a conventional window. Moreover, the vertical opening mechanism allows you to make full use of the available space.

Functional, attractive, safe

We built on the known advantages of vertical sliding mechanisms by adding new features made possible by modern technology. Current structural engineering regulations with regard to sound and heat insulation are met, and living comfort is guaranteed. Slim profile of sash and frame with integrated mechanics please even the most demanding design enthusiasts.

Field of application

HIRT kinetics® HF are patented lifting and descending windows that have been used successfully for years. What makes this system so attractive are window sashes that can be moved vertically behind a fixed section, offering a lot of freedom in terms of its design and use. Efficient room ventilation in combination with superior thermal insulation characteristics contribute to lower energy consumption in a design that is certain to please the eye.

HIRT kinetics® HF are becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of buildings. Schools, restaurants, offices and private home owners enjoy full use of their space and freedoms that casement windows lack thanks to the vertical opening principle of the HF solution.

Supported dimensions

Sashes up to a maximum width of 4 m and height of 2.5 m (max. 6 m2) with a mass of approx. 300 kg can be realized in the standard version. Larger dimensions necessitate static adjustments to sashes, runners, suspensions, etc. We also develop solutions for special formats or weights – just ask us.

Operating principle

The window sash is suspended from counterweights by means of wires. The high-quality ball bearings move in the guide slot in perfect silence. The runners with integrated mechanical components are mounted on the frame profile and directly connect to the sash to save space. This results in an extremely slim profile. The classy aluminum cladding conceals the mechanics, suspension and counterweights.

HIRT kinetics® SF 90

The high-end solution up to 18 m2

HIRT kinetics® SF XL

Uncompromising quality up to 40 m2

HIRT kinetics® SF Spezial

Creative designs up to XXL.