HIRT.swiss | Mobile showroom at the A’18

HIRT swiss descending windows to be showcased at the A’18

The American Institute of Architects will be holding the Conference on Architecture in New York City from 21 to 23 June 2018. Over 800 exhibitors will be showcasing their architectural product innovations. In the USA, Goldbrecht-Systems is the exclusive sales partner of HIRT swiss descending windows, and they will be exhibiting the descender front at the A’18.

Marcel Fontijn, Project Manager at Goldbrecht-Systems, is the person in charge of the company’s presence at the A’18.

Why is Goldbrecht-Systems taking part in the A’18 in New York City?

Marcel Fontijn: “The Conference on Architecture is the place to be on the architectural scene when it comes to innovations. The AIA Conference is where the creative minds of the field of architecture come together. Goldbrecht and the descender front simply have to be a part of it because I believe HIRT swiss descending windows truly meet our clients’ needs in terms of individuality, luxury and the very highest level of precision.”

At the A’18, the descender front will be presented using a new mobile showroom that has been specifically designed for this purpose. How did this idea come about?

Marcel Fontijn: “The Conference on Architecture is a very compact conference – both in terms of the time frame and in terms of the density of exhibitors. We only have two days to set up our stand. That’s not a lot of time, especially when you consider the fact that we want to show the descender front in action so that we can stand out from the crowd of other exhibitors. This the how we landed upon the idea of doing the stand construction work in advance and arriving in New York City with a descender front that is ready to be shown off. And that is exactly what we are doing with our converted shipping container.”

This container makes it possible to show exactly how HIRT swiss descending windows work in real life. Exactly how will this be achieved?

Marcel Fontijn: “The container is still in the process of being converted from top to bottom, but you can already see that the mobile showroom will make a visit to the conference something very special indeed. We wanted visitors to our stand to have an experience that would stay with them long after they went home. They can come into the new showroom, make the descender front disappear with the touch of a button, and thereby experience HIRT swiss descending windows at first hand. I think there is nothing that can convince people as well as seeing a descender front in action. What’s more, we can use the new mobile showroom to showcase the descender front at other trade fairs even after the A’18.”

And what in your opinion is the most important thing about this experience that you are offering the conference visitors?

Marcel Fontijn: “I was fascinated by HIRT swiss descending windows from the very start – by their silent action and their apparent weightlessness. But what impressed me most of all was the great care that is taken in crafting and building them. I am Swiss born and bred, so maybe I have a particular proclivity for precision (chuckles) – and I want the conference visitors to be able to experience the precision that underpins HIRT swiss descending windows at first hand.”