Descending Panoramic Window in Doha |
Operation site HIRT swiss descending windows: Doha, Katar
Client: private constructor
Responsible distributor: Kollegger Metallbau
Size of descender front: 11.6 x 3.5 m
Total weight: approx. 6300 kg

HIRT SF Special 11.6 x 3.5 m
Panorama effect guaranteed!

One of the meanings of the Arabic word «Majlis» in the private context is a room in which guests are given hospitality. A private construction project in Doha (Qatar) will see a traditional guest house, or «Majlis», being fitted with a gigantic descender front from HIRT in March/April 2017.

The distributor responsible is Kollegger Metallbau, based in Graz, Austria, the company which is the private client’s contract partner. Martin Kollegger and his team will be seeing to the installation in Doha. The construction project offers ideal conditions for the use of HIRT swiss descending windows. What the constructor and the architect stipulated was an airy, open garden atmosphere. When there’s a strong wind or a sandstorm the massive descender front is simply elevated and transformed into a protective façade.

What was wanted was to open up the room as widely as possible and create a frameless panorama effect. The solution was a pane of glass sized 11.4 x 3.20 m.

This gigantic vision was realised in the form of laminated safety glass. The production partner is Seele/Sedak, which supplied the multifunctional insulating glass in the stated impressive dimensions. The pane weighs over 3,700 kg, and special tools are needed to mount it. The glass is sent to Doha by ship, as it would not withstand the pressure differences in an aircraft. All the other parts of the descender front reach their destination on the Arabian peninsula as air freight.

A special laminated compound had to be developed for the glass of the descender front in order to cope with enormous wind pressures. The result ensures that the descender front will function flawlessly whatever wind load it has to bear.

Martin Kollegger and his team will be seeing to the installation, which will take about three weeks, as from mid-March.


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