HIRT kinetics®
  • SF 90
Project Partner
  • Hirt Metallbau AG
  • Apix

Seehuus Egnach impresses with HIRT kinetics® that makes entire corners sink into the ground.

The exclusive location on the banks of Lake Constance, with its green-blue water and a breathtaking view towards Germany, makes the Seehuus one of the most sought-after places in the region. The timeless architecture and the descending walls by HIRT kinetics® provide the perfect backdrop for spending quality time by the lake.

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HIRT kinetics® SF 90

The high-end solution up to 18 m2

HIRT kinetics® SF XL

Uncompromising quality up to 40 m2

HIRT kinetics® SF Spezial

Creative designs up to XXL.

HIRT kinetics® HF

Simply genius.