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Opening up a new sense of space

That which seems immovable disappears elegantly and silently into the ground. The room expands all the way to the horizon as if by magic.

Iconic villas are the hallmark of John Finton

The white letters of the Hollywood Sign high up in the Hollywood Hills have long since become one of the most famous landmarks of Los Angeles. Here in California, it is not only dreams of fame and stardom which come true – but also visions of luxurious living. Beverly Hills is where you can find some of America’s most impressive and expensive private homes.

Here, internationally known film stars live next-door to world-famous musicians and, of course, successful business leaders.

In this world of glitz and glamour, there is one man whose name stands for aesthetics, luxury, and sophistication like no other: John Finton. The New York Times once called him the “Indiana Jones” of architects because – just like the famous adventurer-archaeologist from the movies – he travels the world in continuous search: for exceptional building materials, unusual surfaces, and new techniques which he might use in his clients’ luxury homes. This is how elegant villas are created with unmatched sophistication and great attention to detail. No compromises are made either in terms of design or technical features.

Finton is an aesthete and a perfectionist all the way, with a love for real and honest craftsmanship. He describes himself as a “builder without borders”, constantly rethinking architecture and finding unusual and iconic solutions. In a portrait of his work in Art & Living, he is quoted as saying, “Building a house is as much of an art as a science. It involves complex materials and precise building techniques.

The floor-to-ceiling windows are controlled according to the owners’ wishes: In fine weather, they create a sense of utter freedom. Otherwise, they simply stay closed, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere inside.

Silently and as if weightless, the windows lower into the ground.

A Californian dream of living come true

These high standards are what inspire John Finton anew with each of his projects. The villa he realised in Hollywood Hills offers an unobstructable panorama of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Downtown LA. It would be a shame to limit such a view with classic walls made from concrete or stone. Clients and architects agreed and thus opted for glass. The result is an ensemble with a light and airy appearance – more of a sophisticated beach house than a classic urban villa.

The “chill-out zone” of the clearly and openly structured luxury villa consists of an elegantly furnished lounge, a large terrace, and a spectacular infinity pool. The lounge’s glass fronts can be lowered on three sides to invite the panorama inside. Thus, a feeling of unlimited space and freedom arises high above the sprawling city of Los Angeles. Lounge and terrace merge together and the panorama becomes part of the living space. From the sides, the green slopes of the Hollywood Hills draw closer, while the Pacific can just about be glimpsed on the horizon: California isn’t called the “Golden State” for nothing. With the special light and the gentle breeze, paradise has arrived.

Entirely free from barriers: With the windows completely lowered, no threshold mars the transition from lounge to pool.

Retractable windows by HIRT kinetics® create surprising new highlights

In order to achieve this “wow” effect, the building makes use of HIRT kinetics® retractable fronts. These floor-to-ceiling windows are “smart” in the truest sense of the word: They disappear barrier-free into the floor at the press of a button. No threshold remains to mar the transition from lounge to pool. It is details like these which create perfect elegance and comfort.

With retractable windows by HIRT kinetics®, architects can effortlessly create corner windows, too. The effect, which is also brought to bear in this villa, is called “structural glazing”. The panoramic windows are almost frameless, so that nothing can spoil the view.

HIRT moving architecture® rethinks the way buildings are structured and redefines processes. In this way, what was once static now becomes dynamic. The technology behind HIRT kinetics® creates striking results – thanks to real craftsmanship made in Switzerland, which works as precisely as a Swiss watch even under extreme weather conditions.

Windows, gates, even entire walls sink into the floor silently and as if weightless! They are not fixed in a frame but instead stand on a finely balanced supporting structure. This in turn is moved by a nearly silent motor housed in the utility room – but it can also be raised and lowered easily with muscle power alone. Feats like these can make it seem as if HIRT moving architecture® goes beyond the laws of physics.

The largest glass front installed to date measured 20 meters in length and weighed 7.5 tons. But the designers at HIRT have by no means reached the limits of what is possible. The next project might be even more spectacular.

Where will it be realized? In Los Angeles? Shanghai? Moscow? Dubai? Or at your home? HIRT moving architecture® works with renowned partners around the world. Learn more and let the possibilities inspire you!

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