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HIRT kinetics

The possible applications of HIRT kinetics products are limitless. Here you will find an overview of our product range and the different categories and sizes.

HIRT kinetics SF 90

The synthesis of inside and outside in perfection: HIRT kinetics SF 90 open elegantly and quietly downwards until they disappear completely into the floor, opening up the room in an incomparable way.

HIRT kinetics SF XL

HIRT kinetics SF XL are based on the same principle as SF 90, only they are designed for larger dimensions: A floating frame construction also allows them to open gracefully vertically until completely sunk into the floor.

HIRT kinetics SF Special

HIRT kinetics SF Special implements individual solutions with almost unlimited possibilities without compromise. There are no limits to architectural freedom.

HIRT kinetics HF 75

HIRT kinetics HF 75 is the little sister of HIRT kinetics HF 90. This externally flush window system is available in two variants with opening direction upwards or downwards.

HIRT kinetics HF 90

HIRT kinetics lift fronts HF 90 expand the spectrum of modern architecture with an opening method that was previously unthinkable in these dimensions. They supplement the vertical opening method with the upward direction of movement.

HIRT kinetics Protect

For aesthetically pleasing retractable safety fences, for example in pool areas, or windbreaks made of glass, HIRT kinetics Protect are the ideal solution.