Descending Windows - Inspiration & Examples |

HIRT SF 90, Kilchberg (Switzerland)

The descender front disappears without thresholds and an indoor pool becomes an outdoor oasis.

HIRT SF XL, Stetten (Switzerland)

Inside is outside. The descender front can be operated fully automatically, even with a tablet or touchscreen.

HIRT SF 90, Egnach (Switzerland)

Tables in indoor rooms become treasured outdoor sitting areas at the push of a button.

HIRT SF XL, Wollerau (Switzerland)

Doors, such as swing doors or sliding doors, can also be installed in the descender front.

HIRT SF 90, Herrliberg (Switzerland)

Rooms open up. The descender front stages outdoor and indoor space as a whole experience.

HIRT SF Special, Herrliberg (Switzerland)

The experience of a borderless room opening is even more impressive if the descender front slides into the floor with stone instead of glass.

HIRT SF XL, Uitikon (Switzerland)

Light and air flow through the room. The boundary between inside and outside is removed.