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Descender front 90

poolhouse with descending window


HIRT swiss descending windows are already in use in private homes and office buildings around the world. Descender fronts, which can also be thought of as large-surface descending windows, can easily withstand extreme climatic conditions and have proven their worth in the harshest weather conditions.


Our descender fronts do not hang; instead, they stand on a support structure, which is in turn connected to a counterweight. In perfect balance, they can be easily moved by a small motor without making a sound.

descending window in floor

Threshold-free elegance

This threshold combines safety, comfort and modern design. It is absolutely flat, barrier-free, accessible, passable, and durable. The groove-cut stainless steel is a real eye catcher. Other materials – wood, stone or customised flooring – can also be used to produce a personalised design.

house with retracted sliding window

High-end solution up to 18 m2

The “small” HIRT SF 90 model has a maximum width of 6 m, a maximum height of 6 m and a maximum surface area of 18 m2. The maximum weight here totals 1,500 kg.


The maximum glass thickness for the HIRT SF 90 is 63 mm. Triple-glazed, double-glazed or single pane windows can be installed. As an option, special glass, such as shatter-proof glass, can also be installed.