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Special descender front

HIRT SF Special - sliding glass wall system

HIRT SF Special

HIRT swiss descending windows are made for big things. The perfected production process has greatly increased the availability of the special “retractable windows” and presents the descender front as an adaptable solution wherever the fusion of inside and outside plays a key role in the architecture. The largest descender front to date is 20 metres long and weighs 7,500 kg. But bigger is always possible.


With HIRT swiss descending windows, gigantic glass facades or other materials become practically weightless and are lowered at the push of a button to create an unrestricted room opening. Even extremely heavy facades disappear completely into the floor without hassle as a descender front. Fully automated control is possible with a tablet or touchscreen.

retractable garage wall


HIRT swiss descending windows work with all conceivable facades of different materials, even metal, stone and wood. The effect here is even almost more impressive than with glass. An uncompromised space quietly opens up from wall to wall where previously a massive wall stood, without any visible constraints.

curved sliding window

Unlimited possibilities for customized solutions

Round-shaped descender fronts (also with different radii as parabolas), descender fronts with horizontal sliding doors, descender fronts in solid wood, descender fronts with stone slabs, descender fronts that are consistently cubic and flush to the building structure. Contact HIRT swiss descending windows with your wishes and creative ideas.