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Descender front XL

large sliding window


At the push of a button, HIRT swiss descending windows slide downward without a sound and open up the room in an unforgettable way. Descender fronts are essentially “retractable windows” and are the ideal solution wherever indoor and outdoor spaces blend together – in the living room, for the pool house and the garage, or in event spaces.

Simply limitless

In terms of size, the HIRT SF XL actually has no limits. It is guided on lateral rails and can be placed in the wall reveal as a single installation or as several units arranged side by side. A postless design without rails is also possible if multiple HIRT SF XL are lined together.

vertical sliding glass wall

A special design: structural glazing

The outer plane is characterized by a homogeneous glass envelope. On the outside, the glass joints are constructed without profiles, giving the window a cubic appearance.

pool area with sliding glass walls

The bigger, the better

The HIRT SF XL is virtually unlimited and can reach enormous proportions. It is fascinating that standard components can be inserted up to a surface area of 40 m2 (the SF Special comes into play for bigger surfaces). Truly uncompromised openings are possible with the HIRT SF XL. Direction changes in the descender front permit corner formations, allowing a free design of the three-dimensional space opening.