HIRT.swiss | The highlight of the A’18

HIRT swiss descending windows inspire the world of architecture in New York City

At the end of June, the Conference on Architecture 2018 organized by the American Institute of Architects attracted 800 exhibitors and trade visitors from all over the world to New York City. The fair is the forum for presenting the most innovative architectural trends, and HIRT swiss descending windows was represented with an impressive showroom.

Exhibition stand sets new standards

At the stand of Goldbrecht-Systems, HIRT swiss descending windows’ exclusive partner in the USA, a new mobile showroom was used for the first time. It was specially made for presenting the descending windows at the A’18.

With its interactive exhibition stand, HIRT swiss descending windows has set a new standard for trade fair experiences. The trade visitors were impressed that they could experience at first hand the functionality of the Swiss descending windows.

HIRT swiss descending windows a highlight of the A’18

The two-story trade fair stand made it possible to look at the descending windows from two different angles: On the roof of the container, visitors could gain an impression of the effect of the installed descending windows, and at the push of a button set the descender front in motion to see and hear with their own eyes and ears how effortlessly and quietly it disappears into the ground. Inside the showroom meanwhile, explanations were provided of the descender front mechanism used to lower the windows. In short, the live demonstrations served to illustrate another example of Swiss quality – the absolute precise workmanship of HIRT swiss descending windows.

Thanks to the interactive showroom, the HIRT swiss descending windows were an absolute highlight at the A’18 and the stand one of the most popular ever. This was also the view of the trade press, such as Architect Magazine, which ranked HIRT swiss descending windows as one of the most innovative trends to be showcased at the A’18.

“After our experiences at BAU Munich, we expected the 1:1 presentation of the functionality of the windows to attract visitors. We were very, very positively surprised, however, by the large number of enthusiastic reactions!”

For Stefan Hirt, the mastermind at HIRT swiss descending windows, it is clear that seeing the windows in action is a grandiose experience for visitors. “They see and grasp all the product benefits immediately.”

The mobile showroom will continue to be used

Unlike the fixed two-story installation at BAU Munich in 2017, with its overseas shipping container HIRT has now rendered the presentation of the descending windows mobile. There was a great deal of applause at the premiere in New York City, with the windows making the leap across the pond for the first time. By attending the A’18, the company has raised the profile of HIRT swiss descending windows in the United States. Goldbrecht-Systems, the company’s exclusive sales partner in the USA, will use this momentum to show American architects and builders how they can implement truly innovative solutions with the descending windows. HIRT in Switzerland is already thinking about creating a second container for presenting its descending windows in Europe.