Where the elements merge.

Natural balance: Sky, earth and water in harmony.

Letting nature set the tone.

A new sense of naturalness in the urban space.

Where guests feel like royalty.

A slice of French savoir-vivre in the middle of town.

Where the pool and lake share the same horizon.

When you take a swim in the pool of this mansion in Kilchberg, it feels as if you were in the lake itself.

Wellness redefined.

The firm Kraus Architekten takes interior spa design to a whole new level with HIRT kinetics®.

Gateway to the atrium.

In this house, the HIRT kinetics® SF XL open on both sides, granting access to an atrium on one side and the garden on the other.

Where the living room extends to the jetty.

A house presents itself from its sunny side.

Where the garden becomes part of the house – and vice versa.

A garden with a lakeside view is beautiful – and a descending window front turns it into a perfect place.

Watch corners disappear into thin air.

Seehuus Egnach impresses with HIRT kinetics® that make entire corners sink into the ground.

Where architecture reaches out to the lake.

Descending glass fronts allow a restaurant to maximize the impact of the lakeside scenery.

Rethinking conventional architecture.

Attracting attention.

Perfect fusion of safety and elegance.

HIRT kinetics® offers countless possibilities for use. In Melbourne, it serves as an invisible border that can be put in place at the push of a button whenever the need arises.