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Press release (shortened)

At the push of a button, HIRT swiss descending windows slide silently downward until they disappear completely into the floor. A fresh spring breeze or the salty odour of the surf streams into the room. The unparalleled view becomes a unique spectacle of nature. In recent years, descender fronts have produced an absolute wow effect in the world of modern architecture. Prominent architects and planners have delighted their customers with them on almost every continent and in the most diverse climates. People are amazed by the uncompromised openness. Even when closed, the gigantic glass surfaces from wall to wall are a sensation. Absolutely nothing – no seams nor columns – can disturb the unbelievable views. The edgeless transparency inspires everyone who sees them for the first time, and time and time again.

Media Images (high resolution)

Media Package 

The media package contains high resolution images, the press release and the factsheets of the procucts SF 90, SF XL and SF Special.

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