HIRT.swiss - Building Report SF 90

A HIRT SF 90 for a single-family house

Sascha Franke has been in touch via mobile video from the German capital, Berlin, with news about a building report.

In a single-family house in Grunewald, the smallest descender front, the SF 90, is being built, and Sascha Franke is the site manager for this project, led by domulux® (website in German), the official sales partner of HIRT swiss descending windows in Germany.

This HIRT SF 90 is 4,20 m wide, 2,90 m high.

Although this is heading in the direction of becoming a standard product, it is extremely difficult. There is a 1000 kg piece of special glazing, which we have to move from ground level into the basement, in order to allow the clients to have a view from the pool out into their hopefully, beautifully arranged garden.